Gardening Tool Hire


We offer a range of medium and heavy weight garden care and preparation machinery, for professional and amateur use.


Branch Chipper up to 50mm diameter.

Blower Vacuums for collection of fallen leaves and  light debris.

Brush cutters, with nylon or metal cutting heads, for scrub and long rough grass cutting.

Cultivators and tillers for soil cultivation .

Cyclone spreader for distribution of seed and feed.

Flame Gun for burning weeds.

Garden Roller water fillable type.

Hedge Trimmer petrol heavy duty or electric lighter duty machines.

Lawnmower with heavy duty petrol engine.

Lawn scarifier for lawn moss removal.

Long reach Hedge Trimmer for cutting those taller hedges without using access equipment.

Post Hole Borer up to 250 mm diameter, with petrol engine.

Turf cutter will cut up to 75mm deep with one pass.


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