Building Equipment Hire


Asles Tool Hire stock wide selection of tools and equipment to help with many types of building, construction, demolition and maintenance jobs.


Block and Slab Cutter Hire:

Both manual lever type or mechanical sawing machines available, to cover a variety of slab and block cutting.

Breaker Hire:

In different weights and sizes to help with breaking holes through brickwork or concrete type products. There are models available with electric, hydraulic or petrol power, to enable light breaking or scaling to heavy-duty rock and concrete floor breaking.

Concrete Mixer Hire:

Petrol and electrically powered to ensure that all the mortar and concrete you need to mix is carried out efficiently and with an even mix of the constituent materials.

Vibrating Compaction Plate Hire:

To compact infill and tarmac type product, for roads, paths, and building bases. Available in different sizes and weights to cover most compaction jobs.

Vibrating Poker Hire:

Available in different sizes to suit the concrete vibration job you need, with either petrol or electrical power.

Vibrating Roller Hire:

Compact vibrating roller for compaction of infill and finished surfaces on pathways and tracks. Can be used “dead weight” without vibration for lawns and turf surfaces.


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