Access Equipment Hire


Asles Tool Hire supply a range of different access equipment for you to perform different access or support jobs, and have the correct and safest method for you.


Building Prop Hire:

Available in sizes 0 to 4 to provide support of walls and similar with support height from 3ft 5” to 16ft, with SWL of 700kg to 1700kg depending on size. We will supply any quantity of props from one upwards.

Strongboy Hire:

A very useful building prop accessory used when inserting a beam or lintel into wall.

Ladder Hire:

Available in different reaches and designs for single person access to height. Roof Crawling Boards with roof ridge hook for pitched roof access.

Scaffold Tower Hire:

Aluminium scaffold towers in narrow single width or wider double width. Easy to erect with internal ladders up to 16.3 metres in height, and come complete with platforms, outriggers and safety rails.

Staging Boards available in different lengths for lightweight bridging access between two supports.

Minimax compact aluminium two piece scaffold towers to give more secure platform arrangment than step ladders.

Trestles and Scaffold Boards, for working height up to 1.6metres.


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